What is Microdermabrasion ?

Microdermabrasion is the most natural way to evenly and safely exfoliate the skin without the use of chemicals. This non-invasive treatment offers safe and controlled skin abrasion.

How Does it work ?

Our unique procedure uses specially formulated baking soda crystals thats are propelled at a high sped across the skin’s surface to efficiently abrade the skin Microdermabrasion also applies mild suction to the surface of the skin. The result is a dramatic increase in blood flow and circulation throughout the treated area. This Stimulates Cell Renewal and Collagen production. In addition, The increased blood flow helps the body carry away toxins ad impurities that are store near the surface of the skin. The Combination of exfoliation and increased blood flow leaves you with healthier clear and more youthful looking skin.

What are the benefits ?

  • Decreases the appearance of fine lines, Wrinkles and age/sun spots

  • Improves acne and acne related scarring

  • Increases production of Collagen and elastin

  • Repairs sun-damaged skin

  • Stimulates the production of new skin cells

  • Improves the appearance of uneven skin tone

  • Reduces pore size

  • Leaves skin silky smooth

One time, the result is firmer, more youthful-looking skin

Why Baking soda ?

Virtually all microdermabrasion systems use, aluminium oxide crystals to abrade the skin, Although aluminium oxide does an effective job of abrading the skin, there are several disadvantages to its use aluminium oxide is a known octant that leaves most peoples red and irritated after treatment. Due to the harsh nature of aluminium oxide, it is necessary to keep the treatment at a safe distance from the eye and mouth area. leaving the most important areas of the face untreated. Our microdermabrasion system uses pure baking soda crystals to evenly abrade the skin. Exposure to baking soda is not harmful and will not irritate even the most sensitive skin. One of the biggest advantages of using baking soda is that the lips as well as the skin directly under the eye can be treated.

Does a microdermabrasion treatment hurt, and will it have any downtime ?

Microdermabrasion is a relatively painless procedure. Immediately following the treatment, your skin will have a vibrant, healthy appearance as well as smooth texture. Our Unique baking soda treatment will allow you to resume you day without downtime.

Am I a good candidate for microdermabrasion ?

Virtually anyone interested in improving the appearance of his/her skin can benefit from microdermabrasion regardless of age, ethnicity or skin type. Microdermabrasion is most commonly performed on the face but can also be safely performed on the chest, hands and back as well as other areas of body.

How Often will i need a treatment ?

Treatments are performed usually in a series of six with the first three treatment scheduled once per week and the next three treatments at two week intervals. Once the desired results are achieved, maintenance treatments can be performed once every four to six weeks.

Does the type of equipment make a difference ?

Absolutely. Achieving the best results requires the best equipment. We are proud to offer you the latest in microdermabrasion technology by advanced microderm. Allow our highly trained, Skin-care specialist to prove how beneficial this treatment can be for you.

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